Eileen Kopsaftis, BS, PT, CAFS, MI, CHE, NE has been practicing physical therapy since 1994. Her specialties are performing manual techniques to correct biomechanical dysfunction and asymmetry, and teaching people informed healthcare decision making as well as how to resolve pain using effective self-care methods.

Eileen is certified in Applied Functional Science and Diet & Lifestyle Intervention, an experienced MELT Method instructor, and a graduate of the Nutrition Educator Program at Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies. She uses a four-prong approach to resolve the root causes of pain and dysfunction. How she accomplishes this is through her extensive education of nearly 1,800 hours of manual and movement techniques and nutrition education combined.

In addition to her private practice, Eileen is recognized nationally for her effective and outcomes-based protocols.  She is currently a faculty member at The Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies, where her responsibilities include teaching physicians and other healthcare professionals how to treat musculoskeletal disorders without drugs and surgeries.  She serves as the Director of Manual and Movement Education for both the Institute and Wellness Forum Health, which commissioned her to develop and administer a certification course designed to teach professionals how to replicate her practices. Additionally, she delivers talks to employers about how to reduce healthcare costs related to musculoskeletal disorders by using her methods.

Eileen also serves as president of the CAMEO Ministries Advisory Board. She is a co-founder of CAMEO Ministries which began in 1999 as the support group called Choose Freedom which serves women who have experienced sexual abuse, or abuse of any kind. Eileen has co-led this weekly support group since its inception.

Eileen is passionate about empowering others to have lifelong wellbeing. She believes life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured which is why she created the Move Without Pain Program to empower as many people as possible, as affordably as possible, to become pain-free.

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